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RoseWood Village Assisted Living provides a unique opportunity for the residents of our communities to experience the daily adventures of living in a small town at each of our locations.

When we first created RoseWood Village our goal was to provide exceptional assisted living care in a setting that is stimulating, exciting and appealing. To do so we have created a unique environment throughout each of our communities that allows our residents to experience life in a picturesque village.

We also understand that while the various settings within our communities add to the quality of life of our residents, our core focus remains the care of each and every one of our residents. We are proud of all the employees who devote their time and energy to make caring for our residents a top priority.  Because at RoseWood Village, we believe that our residents, after a lifetime of caring for others, deserve to be cared for with compassion, dignity and respect. 

Watch our video here to learn more about our vision of Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care and how that vision has come to life since RoseWood Village was first established in 1983.


  • Stop by and visit us at our second

    community located at the

    Hollymead Town Center!

  • Founder's Day


    RoseWood Village is proud to be

    celebrating 30 Years of Service

    in the Charlottesville Community! 

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  • Physical Therapy
    RoseWood Village now offers

    on-site Physical Therapy with
    RoseWood Village Rehab Services.